4 Days Until Long Beach Zine Fest

Long Beach Zine Fest is an annual event that celebrates zine culture. 

A zine (zeen) is a handmade and self-published booklet that is used to communicate ideas and art. Traditionally they were made with basic materials like paper pen and a photocopier. They were quick to produce so that you could share ideas in an efficient way. 

The thing that's wonderful about zines (and why I began making them) is that they are so accessible. Anyone can make a zine about anything. And so they provide an opportunity for everyone to have a voice and share their ideas and experience with the world. 

They're fun to create too. 

Today zines come in all different shapes sizes and mediums.  

So this Sunday 8th September is the 5th Long Beach Zine Fest. It will have live music, zine workshops, panels, and an array of foods to try. It's an inspirational experience going to a Zine Fest. 

This year I'll be tabling for the first time. I'm excited (and a tad nervous too) to be sharing my collection of body image support zines in this positive event in the Long Beach Community. 

If you're in Southern California, make sure you come and say hi. 

Kim x


For More

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Come and say hi at Long Beach Zine Fest 2019

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