7 Things you can do when having a Tough Day

Tough days, sometimes can come out of the blue or maybe its something you've been dealing with for a while.

When the world feels like it’s not on your side here are some suggestions to help to show yourself more kindness and compassion during these times.

1. Write

Grab a journal if you keep one or a piece of paper.  And write…. don’t overthink it just write whatever comes to mind. This is called free writing where you simply write and try not to judge what's going onto the paper as either good or bad. 

If you feel like you need writing prompts, what are you facing at the moment? Do you know why? What positive thing can you do to show yourself some kindness and support at this time? 

Just writing it down can ease the weight of what you're feeling. 

2. Talk it out

As the proverb goes “a problem shared is a problem halved.”

Let someone know your hurting or having a tough day and don’t go through this all on your own. It may be tempting to ride it out alone and bottle it up. But if you’re having a crappy day don’t gloss over it. You and your feelings are valid.

**If you’ve been feeling like this for a while, consider seeking professional help too. There is no shame in this, our mental needs are as important as our physical needs. Think of a therapist as you would a medical doctor but for your brain and emotions. Our brains matter and they’re not always perfect. There are also free and confidential hotlines that you can call as well for immediate support.

3. Cry

“Let it out” is what my good friend would say. Crying is our body’s way of releasing stress and tension. So don’t hold it back if you need to cry do it. We don’t do this enough (in my opinion). 

4. Positive inputs only

With social media at arms reach it’s tempting to jump on and scroll through your feed when you feel shite. But social media can be fraught with idyllic posts of friends, families, businesses that appear to be having the time of their lives. 

Social media can offer a supportive network. There’s research to indicating that self-compassionate accounts that post positive quotes and support mental health  can help to lift one's mood.

So clamp down on your body protection strategy and only expose yourself to things that uplift you and leave you feeling good ~ not the other way around.

5. Take action toward self-care

You must take action for your self-care, take one step, and do something positive for you. Call a friend, step out into the sunshine, take a few minutes to breathe, whatever makes you feel more grounded. Try to do things that help you work through your troubles and face them with self-compassion and kindness.

6. Read your smile-file

If you’ve got a smile-file, this is a perfect time to crack it open and have a read of it it.  It’s a nice way to remind yourself that hey…. you’re pretty great!!! If you don’t have a smile file yet it's never too late to start one.

7. And keep going

Finally, know, this is day temporary. It will pass. Difficult times have a process a purpose. Don’t give up on your dreams or ambitions, your wants or your needs. Keep going and keep fighting.

Kim x

Tough days can come out of the blue or linger on, here are 7 ideas to help you weather the storm. #selfcare #bodykindness #loveandsupport #mentalhealthmatters



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