A New Self-Care Zine

I had a big brainstorm last week and wrote down as many acts of self-care as I could think of. And then I turned this into the smallest ~ but practical ~ zine I could manage. This was on the back of writing the zine "This is Body Appreciation" which covers the importance of self-care and self-compassion in working toward feeling more appreciative of our bodies. 

The result was a cute pocket-sized mini-zine that you can post, keep on you at all times, or stick on the fridge

Initially. I was aiming to squeeze in 100 acts of self-care but legibility was tough so I went with 70 instead. I think it's a good number! 

The zine offers a range of ideas you can do to help support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. They're really simple and practical. The important part is setting intentional time aside, a few minutes to look after you. 

Kim x



The finished product, a self-care mini-zine packed with good ideas. 

One of my favourite design features in this zine is the pop-out brain and the fold-out design. 

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