A Story About Objectification and Body Image

This is the title (and drafted artwork) for my next zine. 

It is the simple story of a girl objectified by her community and surrounding culture. 

Objectification means to treat someone as an object. 

It seems innocent enough, yet this is not an uncommon story.

Objectification in our communities can have big implications on body image. 

So an important story to share with anyone who doesn't understand why they may feel unhappy about themselves and their body.

Let's work together to change the way we place emphasis on one another's qualities. 

Stay tuned, 

Kim :)

PS. I'll be tabling this zine at Long Beach and Pomona Zine Festivals. If you'd like to stay in the loop on upcoming body image projects subscribe to my email list

A Story About Objectification on Body Image Zine Artwork by Kim Rounsefell

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