An effective way to recharge and rejuvenate

One of the kindest things you can do for your body and wellbeing is just taking a break.

It sounds obvious, but in the competitive work and study situations we are often operating in, it feels hard to let go sometimes.

We went camping last week. A simple no-frills trip in the Sierra National Forest.

No internet, no wifi, no social media. Just hanging out, playing UNO, cooking, reading, swimming and sitting among the wildflowers.  

As time passed, I could feel myself decompress as I slowly let go of the little stressors that kept my muscles wound tight like a ball of string. It was such a strange (and good) sensation. 

Sometimes the only way to let go, is..... to physically let go. 

Kim x

An effective way to recharge and rejuvenate. #mindfulness #selfcare #healing #wildflowers #rest

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