Understanding the Language Around Body Positivity

Body Image Satisfaction

Body Positivity

Self Love

Body Kindness

Body Confidence

Body Appreciation

Body Neutrality

Body Love 

Body Trust

These are terms that relate to positive body image (having positive feelings about our body) you may have seen across the inter-web.

I often call it to body appreciation here (I'll tell you why in minny).

But even though they're different, all of these terms have similar meanings. 

What They Don't Mean

Let's start with what they don't mean. I wanted to clarify this because terms like body love, self-love and body positivity can be confusing. 

They make it sound like we need to be all "rah rah rah I love my body!" declaring it to the world while strutting around in a fabulous bikini. 

And that's fine if we feel comfortable doing this, but it doesn't reflect the depth of what these terms mean.

i.e. you can still be positive about your body and not feel comfortable wearing a bikini.

These terms have become so popular a lot of what we see on social media and in news can make it seem this way. 

But it's not.   

These positive body terms are not all about loving our appearance or every part of our body. 

What They Do Mean

Think these terms as being more about having a quiet inner-connection with our body.  A respect and understanding like a friendship that grows closer flourishing over time. 

There'll be times when we may feel like our body has let us down (like friendships do). We may have days where we don't understand our body and have somewhat of a communication breakdown (this is normal).  

These terms are more about the relationship and respect that we build together with our body.  It's like an understanding that we establish with our body to grow together, to look out for each other, see each other through hard times. To appreciate one another for the things that we try to do to support each other. 

This is why I call it body appreciation but think of this meaning as you come across any of these positive body terms along your travels. 

I hope helps to clarify the meaning of these terms. if you've got any questions or comments pop them in the comments box below. 

Kim x

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 Understanding the Language Around Body Positivity

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