Good to see you

Welcome to this part of the net. 

With a new web site and a new zine to boot. It was a big week last week, I almost bit off more than I could chew.  But happy to say that we're live. And ready to fill this blog with lots of great info and news about body appreciation. 

A couple of housekeeping things. I try to post here most days with new news and insights. 

There's also a lovely new zine called This is Body Appreciation in the store. It covers the 3 foundations of body appreciation and one common misconception. This is a great guide as you begin working toward appreciating yourself more. 

LA Zine Fest

I went to the LA Zine Fest in Culver City over the weekend. It was everything I expected and more. The vibe in that hall was so good. Every cause, every body were represented sharing their unique voice with the world in their self-published zines.

There were art zines, mental health zines, social justice zines, religious zines, fun zines, perzines, lgbtq zines, culture zines, kids zines, comic zines.... you name it, it was there. 

I was so inspired by the power of zines in our culture. I've already planned out the next 2 in the thank-u-body series (more details soon).  So I look forward to sharing this ride with you. See you tomorrow

Kim x 

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