How to Start Meeting your Self-care Needs

When thinking about self-care, an important question to start off with is:

Am I meeting my basic self-care needs?   

Self-care is often the basic stuff.

For example, sleep, nourishment, personal connection with others, time out to enjoy the things you love. ~ that sort of thing.

If the answer is no.

Congratulations, this is normal.

I can be difficult to meet all our basic needs all the time.

For example, the self-care things that slip off my radar when I'm working are sleep and getting outdoors!  I know when I’m not taking care these when I feel agitated, begin rambling, and have the concentration span of a pea. 

It happens.

So at this point, it's good to look forward (rather than backward) and make a plan to begin meeting some of those self-care needs bit-by-bit over time.

Not all at once. 

Starting off by choosing one small thing.  Or even part of 1 small thing.

For example, sleep, pick 2-3 nights and try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier.

Take 1 self-care thing, make a realistic and achievable plan for incorporating it into your day.

Use baby-steps.

And then move onto the next thing when ready.

Hope this helps. 

Kim x

If needing self-care ideas, check-out 70 Acts of Self Care

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