These Are 3 of the Most Important Health Checks You Can Do At Home

Preventative health checks are vital for your body to make sure it's running smoothly - think of it as a regular car service!  

When we think preventative care, the first thing that may come to mind is an annual wellness check and other tests done at the local doctor's office.

But in addition to these, here are three regular home checks that help to keep an eye on your body in between these scheduled visits. 


1. A Breast Self-Exam recommends for us to do a breast self-exam once a month.

Get to know your breasts, how they look, how they feel, their typical shape and color, etc. Keep an eye on them, and in addition to regular screenings, here are instructions to help with breast self-exams.  There are also some apps that can help by setting up a schedule and offering guidance too.  


2. Regular Skin Checks

A fun fact! I've had over 60 moles removed from my body since I was 12. That's a lot! It's because I have a certain kind of mole that is small and dark and can look sinister.

I've been lucky, it's all fine, but I've got lots of moles, and because of my history, I'm vigilant about checking my skin regularly.

Like your breasts, get to know your skin.

Try to do a monthly look over to check it's spots, markings, keep an eye out for any changes.

There are excellent services available to help with skin checks, including submitting photos to your dermatologist. 

RelatedHere's a handy guide from the American Cancer Society for on how to do a skin self-exam.  


3. Regular Poo Checks

Your poo can tell a lot about your digestive health. Dietitians think about poo a lot! There's even a chart dedicated to analyzing poo known as the Bristol Stool Chart. 

It's likely you're poo texture and consistency will change daily based on the kinds of and amount of fiber in the foods you've been eating.

But there are tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for that may indicate you're digestive system is not a happy camper!

Things like blood in your poo, or poo that's oily and loose and has a strong odor, for example, should get checked. 

Get to know your poo, your usual cycles, if you're feeling discomfort, notice major changes to the way you poo, or have any concerns, it's always good to check. 



So these are my top 3, but never forget, all preventative health is equally vital for your body. So do try to make your body prevention self-checks a priority. 


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Preventative health checks are vital for your body to make sure it's running smoothly, think of it as a regular car service!  But in addition to scheduled checks at the doctors, these 3 regular home checks are vital to keeping an eye on your body in between.

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