3 Things to Get Rid of That Will Make Your Home More Body Friendly

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Ever thought how everyday items around the house affect body image?

There's a lot of little things lurking around you'd hardly think about! But once you've given them the flick, you'll be amazed at how much more positive you'll feel about your body

Here are 3 things to consider tossing out now. 


1. Bathroom Scales

You might have heard the phrase you're more than a number. Well, that holds true for the old bathroom scales too!

There are so many things that contribute to our bodyweight that this number, is thus, not a reflection of health. Yet the number on the scale can leave us stuck in the cycle of placing worth based on that number.

I remember those days, waking up, and then jumping on the scale before doing anything else! Unsurprisingly, it always kept me stuck in a negative body image cycle.

So it's got-to-go. Good riddance bathroom scales! Hello, connecting and tuning in to your body's needs instead. 


2. Clothes that Don't Fit or Feel Comfortable

Do you ever notice that whenever you wear clothes that feel uncomfortable how it makes your whole body feel comfortable?

You end up having to readjust clothes and can feel restricted all day long. By the end of the day, you can't wait to get home and put something comfortable on again.

Consider donating those old clothes that don't fit anymore, that feel uncomfortable when you wear them, or leave you thinking, 'one day, I'll wear this again' whenever you see them in your closet.

Instead, leave room for the clothes that your body enjoys.  Goodwill stores are a great place to donate old clothes and replace them with new clothes that leave you feeling great.

The aim is to fill your home with clothes that feel good (inside and out) right now.


3. Old Beauty Product Promises

Finally, have a think about tossing out old half-used beauty products that are filling up the bathroom cabinet no longer used. Maybe they were bought on a whim or a hope it would change yourself somehow. 

I call that deluge of old half-used bottles that take up space gathering dust the beauty product museum!  We all acquire 'beauty product museums' from time-to-time.

But keep those shelves free for the products you love using and leave you and your body feeling great right now.

PS. If tossing these things feels expensive, store them away after checking expiry dates. 

Think about how good it will feel when all you see in these two small rooms in your house is body-affirming wares! 


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Ever thought how everyday items around the house affect body image?  There's a lot of little things lurking around you'd hardly think about! But once you've given them the flick, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel about your body.   Here are 3 things to consider tossing out now.  Click through to read full article.

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