One limitation of the Selfie

There are some situations where a selfie, or taking any sort of photo is not an option.

Where if we want to capture a moment we must commit it to memory instead. 

I experienced this weekend as we were floating down Arizona's Yuma river in a rubber tube lined with canvas and a soft pillow. The scenery was magical, but with water all around us, carrying a camera wasn't feasible. 

I wanted to remember the moment so badly. "How good would it be just to take a photo right now" I said. 

Only it wasn't just the landscape that made this a special place. 

   it was the sounds of the insects

       and crickets creeking among the thick 8 foot green reeds scattered along the river.  

the feeling of the lukewarm water on that 106 degree day. 

A photo could never capture all this beauty. 

So I closed my eyes, took a minute, and committed it to memory instead.

Sometimes just forgetting the camera and capturing life's experiences this way is a better option all round. 

Kim x

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