Thank you 2019, Reflecting on the Best Moments from thankubody

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Happy New Year!

As 2019 passes us and a new adventure into 2020 begins, here are the proudest moments that happened during thankubody's first year.

Self-care Had a Big Emphasis

70 Acts of Self-care are thankubody's smallest zine, but it had the most significant impact in 2019, with over 200 made and delivered. Goes to show, little unassuming things can still have a considerable effect.  


10 New Zines Were Created

Along with 70 Acts, 10 new zines came to pretty awesome fruition! But we're not stopping there, with a new list of zine ideas ready to get working on for this year too. Can't wait to share more! 

The Best Blog Post

How to Stop Unwanted Body Comments Subtly was the most popular post on the blog this last year. It says something for the lasting impression that unwanted body comments can have. Respecting and appreciating each other's differences is just so key for wellbeing. Have a read here - >

We Got Out and About

As a bit of an introvert, I was proud this year to have challenged my most significant fear by tabling at two zine fests and craft shows. It was the most positive experience I've had since living here in the USA. What a community we have and speaks volumes for challenging those inner-fears from time-to-time too. 

Thankubody Vending at Patchwork Show

But Most Important

Was that thankubody got to hopefully make a small difference for your, whether it was a blog post, a zine, button, or a personal note in a package. I hope that it's spread a morsel of body image positivity your way. 

And thank you for your support and for making these moments possible. 

Kim x

Looking forward to good things in 2020! 


As 2019 passes us and a new adventure into 2020 begins, here are the proudest moments supporting body image that happened during thankubody's first year. Thank you for supporting me and making these possible.

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