Self-Care Zines Supporting Communities

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King


Seeing how communities are supporting one another over the last three months during COVID-19 has been incredible. How we have adapted has been inspiring.

Over the last months, we've sent many self-care zines, smile files, and gratitude journals to vulnerable community groups, frontline health workers, and non-profit organizations supporting their staff who have been working harder than ever to during these times. 

We feel privileged to have had this opportunity to support you, delivering through the zines that we hope have bought joy and entertainment during the COVID pandemic.   

Thank you for trusting us with this work!

Below are some highlights from zines sent to amazing communities. 

go zines!!


box of grateful gratitude journals

Above: 200 Grateful Gratitude Journals and Self-Care Zines were distributed to senior community members isolated during Ccovid-19. The journals were all handstitched, so the hands felt weary after making these, but it was worth it. 


zine trimmings used as packaging

Above: The zine trimmings from the journals were saved and then repurposed to keep zines during shipping. 


a donation of Smile File Zines

Above: Grateful Gratitude Journals sent to support staff working with survivors of domestic violence. thankubody donated the Smile File Zines to go along with them. Thank you for the work you do. 


We hope you are keeping safe and will keep you updated with new zines and things happening too. 

Kim x 

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