Selfies: Are they Good or Bad for your Body Image?

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


There are no getting away from it, selfies (self-photos) are all the rage. With digital and camera-phones everywhere, selfies are here to stay!

But are they a good or bad thing when it comes to supporting a positive body image?

Well, the short answer is, it depends! 

The research around selfies and body image is mixed! Meaning, the effect of selfies on body image is influenced by many different things. So there's no simple yes or no answer. 

But when it comes to selfies and supporting a positive body image here's something worth considering. 

How Much Photo Investment?

There's a term in academia called 'photo investment' which refers to the amount of time and energy one spends investing in their photos. 

So time spent tweaking, editing, and evaluating photos are all types of photo investment. 

There is research that suggests, the more time we spend investing in our self-photos the higher the likelihood of feeling unhappy with our bodies. 

Interesting don't you think? 

Take-Home Message

When it comes to selfies, think about the amount of time you're investing, evaluating, editing, or trying to remove perceived imperfections. 

Try a quick selfie check-in. Is this making me feel good about myself or not?

If the answer is no, try to take a step back, try to ease that inner-critic because I'm willing to bet, your uninvested, unedited selfie is way more beautiful than you realize. 



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There are no getting away from it, selfies (self-photos) all the rage. But are they a good or bad thing when it comes to supporting a positive body image? #bodyimage #selfies #selfcare





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