Some News and Recommended Reading

I hope you've had a lovely week. I'm getting ready to take a brief vacation so will be a little quieter on the blog for the next few days. 

But I came across this article by Chloe Papas and the ABC called :~

Your fat friends need you as an ally. This is how you can be one

It discusses the harm that negative body and food talk can do particularly for our friends living in larger body's.  

This is a fabulous article and in my opinion, a must read. It has so many practical tips to support every body and to address weight stigma in our community. 

I hope your find it helpful too. 

Have a lovely week and I'll catch up with you next week with some exciting news

(hint I've got 2 new body appreciation zines coming out!!) ~ I'm not very good at keeping secrets ha!  I'll be posting some zine roadtesting on Instagram this week

Take care 

Kim :)

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