How To Start a smile file

I'm slowly going through posts from my old blog to republish here. This is one that I really like. How to create a smile file. 

A smile file is anything you want it to be.  As long as it picks you up and makes you smile when you look at it.

Start by creating a folder on your computer, or grab a journal, or even a manilla folder will do.

Now whenever you come across something that brings a smile to you, add it in there.

An email

A meaningful comment or gesture from another.

Cards from loved ones or friends reminding you how special you are.

Quotes that inspire you,

Doodles that pick you up and make you giggle.

Lyrics to a song that you love.

Draw, write, paste and paint. Anything goes here.  As long as it’s uplifting for you!

Now…. on those days when you’re doing it tough. Maybe feeling anxious, down, alone or lost. Pick up that beautiful smile file. Sit down with a cuppa and…


Kim x


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