I've got a new Zine out! It's called 'Me' but it's all about you!

After 2 years in the planning, designing and making. 

I made a new zine called 'Me'. 

This is an inspirational Journal, Scrapbook, Diary and Zine all in one. 

I'm proud as punch, and chuffed to finally share it with you. 

This is how Me it works......

You take this zine (journal) wherever you go, scribble, reflect, write, doodle, cut and paste in it to your heart's content.  

Each of the 30 exercises focusses on positive aspects of you ~ your dreams, ambitions, the things you value and cherish. Your needs, desires and ways to treat yourself and your body with more kindness. 

There's one catch....... this is no place for modesty.... this zine encourages you to reflect on your skills, non-physical attributes, and the things that make you feel happy. 

To grab your copy follow the link below. Even better if you'd like 25% off head over and subscribe to my newsletter for more body appreciation tips and goodies. 

I hope you love 'Me', grow from it and cherish it always as a little piece of you. 

Kim x

PS. Here is a little video with the final assembly of 'Me' xx


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