What are they doing?

In the podcast "Big Business and Body Image" by the Centre from Appearance Research.

An panel of activists, politicians, corporate representatives, and artists, discussed challenges to big business supporting long-term self-esteem, and positive body image. It's worth a listen. 

A comment by writer and activist Susie Orbach struck me. How an advertisement is staged can send a negative or positive body image message. 

For example, an ad with a model posed in a studio shot with no real life context can send a negative body image method because it suggests they're merely an object to aspire to. 

Whereas an ad with a model (or everyday person) demonstrating a product in context to a real-life situation can send a more positive, supportive body image message if it represents the depth, complexity and diversity of actual life. 

It's an important contrast to keep an eye out for when deciphering and evaluating safety of media and advertising we're being exposed to. 

Kim x 

To protect your body image, here is one thing to keep an eye out for when looking at product advertising #bodyimage #bodypositivity #selfcare #medialiteracy

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