What if your body parts were your BFFs (Best Friends Forever)?

Indulge me for a few minutes. 

Have a think about this, What if your different body organs and parts were your best friends

What character traits would each of them have?

Would they be supportive? Or a little needy? Happy or a bit melancholy? 

This is the subject of my new zine titled "Your BFFs".  I'll be tabling it at the Long Beach Zine Fest on Sunday

But back to my question what do you think? There's a point I promise. 

Because if we allow ourselves to think this way as if our organs were people themselves. And like with any friendship there'd be things we loved about them and traits that were more testing. 

If we could reminisce with them about the fun times we've had with them versus the more difficult times. 

Our ups and our downs together.

Would we feel more compassion and love toward our own body? 

Kim x

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Event: Long Beach Zine Fest 

Your BFFs - A zine celebrating some amazing friends by Kim Rounsefell

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