What to do when you feel like your body has let you down ~ Step 1

Carrying on from our my last post what to do when you feel like your body has let you down step 1.


Think of it as if you were chatting with your best friend right now. What would you say them in this situation?….. You suck? … NOOOO! You’d be kind, supportive, encouraging, sympathetic or empathetic.  But when it comes to ourselves and our body we can be so harsh and down on ourselves when it's not going to plan.

When the exact opposite is needed.

Self-compassion starts by acknowledging that this is a tough time. It may even help to label the feeling you’re experiencing. Like…..“This is Sadness”. It helps to stay present with the emotion that’s being experienced. Trying to suppress it or make it go away can prolong the pain and acceptance of the situation.

Know that there are going to be rough times to get through this. But always check in with yourself, if what you’re feeling is too painful don’t go through this alone. This is self-compassion too. To listen to yourself, and do things that can support your wellbeing at this time.

A little self-kindness (and self-compassion) goes a long way.

More tomorrow.

Kim x

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