What to do when you feel like your body has let you down ~ Step 2

Carrying on with our chat this week about ways to get through a rough patch if you feel that your body has let you down. Where in step 1 (yesterday) we covered the need to practice self-compassion (read this if you haven’t yet).

Today let’s move onto working toward appreciating some of the ways our body tries to support us during these times too. This may sound counter-intuitive because the reason we’re here right now feeling rotten about our body is that it isn’t doing what we need or want it to be doing.

And it’s good to recognise that our bodies aren’t and never will be perfect at their job. They’re going to muck up sometimes and get things wrong, take their eye off the ball or maybe they think they’re doing it right.

I like this quote from Dr Kristin Neff “having compassion for yourself means that you honour and accept your humanness.”  This quote really transcends both our self-compassion topic and today as well.

For example, one of the ways that our body tries to support us during these times is by signalling us through pain. And I know what you’re probably thinking here…. pain totally sucks right. It does, but it’s an important alert system to let us know that we need to turn our attention onto ourselves. This could be either physical or emotional pain too. Think of it as a self-care or self-compassion internal alarm system.

Another example and an interesting way our body can adapt to support us better is when we lose one of our senses it will try to compensate for this by dialling up the sensitivity of the other bodily senses.

I guess my point is that our body may not always get things right but it always tries to make things better for us as much as it can. And if we’re able to turn some of our thoughts to these activities it may help us to realise that our bodies are (and always will be) on our side.

Kim x

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