This Is Why I Make Zines To Support Positive Body Image


The zine "This is a Zine" (above) gives a hint to what a zine (z-ee-n) is. 

A self-published booklet or magazine used to communicate something...

.... anything! 

The ultimate in D.I.Y publishing.

Zines range from personal experiences (perzine) to comics, activism, and more. And their production varies as much! Roughly photocopied zines to zines so polished you'd think they were a book from a publisher! 

I grew acquainted with zines here in the USA and the beautiful culture surrounding them. I fell in love and started devoting significant time to making them. 

But why do I make zines to support body image? It might seem random -- a dietitian making zines?!? Trust me, I've asked myself this many times.

But it's not -- here's why.  

1. Zines Help Get Body Image Info to You Quickly (and interesting-ly)

I'll be chipping away on my Ph.D., and an idea will pop up. I'll let sit awhile, ferment -- like wine. To make sure it's helpful. 

Then, if I think it's still useful, I'll make it into a zine.

I'll write it, consider the format, do the artwork, sanity check it, get my daughter to edit it, format it, and produce it. From nothing to something helpful that you can hold in your hands. I love that!!!

The speed, the rawness, within days to weeks. So good. 

2. Zines Are Special and Accessible 

Hold a zine in your hand, and you get a special feeling from it. It's hard to explain. I feel like it's the knowing that it's been made so freely by hand, it feels special. 

There's no need for GoFundMe pages, and a zines small circulation means that they're easy to update, keep current, and affordable. 

3. Zines Make A Difference

Head over to your local zine fest and take in the culture, the people, there to appreciate zines and one another's differences, diversity, and experiences. It's a beautiful thing.  If the world were a zine fest, we'd be a happy and united human-race. 

5. Zines Are The Perfect Metaphor for Positive Body Image

Zines are imperfect. You'll find typos, uneven pages -- little imperfections. That's what makes them interesting.

As we are. 

There's nothing random about it.  


Some Zines You Might Like

Here are my 4 favorite zines that you might enjoy.

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Your BFFs - A Little Zine Celebrating Some Amazing Friends

Why do I make zines to support body image? It might seem random -- a dietitian making zines?!? Trust me, I've asked myself this many times.  But it's not -- here's why.  Click to read full article. #bodyimage #bopo #selflove #selfcare #selfcompassion

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