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You Are Enough Button Pin Box


The photo above was the theme here last week as I was preparing this lovely order for 20 You Are Enough buttons!

3 Cheers to Instagram 

You may have heard in the news last week that after significant campaigning by celebrity body activist Jameela Jamil, Instagram has updated their policy to prevent under 18-year-olds from seeing posts and images relating to the advertising to fad dieting products. 

[hand clapping and thumbs up emoji's x 100]

This is great news, as this type of content can have huge implications for body image among young people! Read more about it here


September Newsletter out this week

The newsletter is out later this week. If you haven't subscribed yet here's a link, I have a nice giveaway that I'm excited to share. It will be added to orders for all newsletter subscribers perfect for the upcoming holidays! 


Pomona Zine Fest - 13th October 1-6 pm

My daughter and I will be tabling at the upcoming Pomona zine fest, I've got a fresh new zine being tabled for this festival. If you're in town why not pop in and say hi! 

Chaffey College Chino
Community Center
5890 College Park Ave
Chino, CA
Free Admission

Until next week,

Kim x



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