Self-Care Zine Making Kit

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If you've been wanting to work on your own self-care practice as well as explore a creative outlet, this guided self-care zine-making kit is an ideal way to get started. 

This self-care kit has everything you need to create your very own personal zine that is also a helpful resource to support physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

The kit will step you through each section of the zine making process with practical information about different types of self-care, and creative ideas that you can experiment with throughout the making of your zine.  

It's a lovely way to explore creativity and self-care from one box! 


What's in the kit? 

In this self-care box you’ll find:

1  16-page blank zine with a blue paperback cover (10.5 x 14 cm)

1  Arteza black fine liner pen

1  Arteza 2B graphite pencil and eraser

12 Crayola coloring pencils with a pencil sharpener

2  Washi tapes

1  Elmers glue stick

1  Mixed pack of 5 decorative collage papers

A 70 Acts of Self Care Mini-Zine (for extra self-care ideas)

1 Zine making instructions guide

1 Box to store your zine kit and art materials


Kit Objectives

This zine-making kit aims to help you:

  1. Discover different kinds of self-care that can support your health and wellbeing
  2. Identify self-care activities for your own emotional, physical and mental self-care
  3. Explore creativity through zine-making and decorating
  4. Experiment with various forms of art like drawing, coloring, writing, and collage



  • Kit Size:  10.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches
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