Self-Compassion: How to Be More Kind to Yourself

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The ability to treat ourselves with greater self-compassion is a vital skill needed to support both mental health and positive body image. 

Self-Compassion, written by Dr. Faith G. Harper, helps you to understand what self-compassion is, and why it's essential as opposed to striving for higher self-esteem.

This zine encourages you to apply the five components of self-compassion (mindfulness, self-empathy, self-kindness, and humanity) to treat yourself with more kindness, which is especially important during difficult times. 

The zine also includes a handy feelings list, which helps you pinpoint and better understand the feelings you're going through.

This zine is an excellent read for anyone looking to harness greater compassion and kindness toward themselves. 


1/2 page zine, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, 30 pages. 
Published by: Microcosm Publishing