Body Affirmations: Truths on Why Your Body Is The Best

by Kim Rounsefell, APD





Appreciate Your Body 

If you're looking for support to help you overcome negative thoughts and feelings about your body, this positive body affirmations zine is just the tool to help. 

Body Affirmations: Truths on Why Your Body is the Best introduces 40 heartwarming body affirmations that aim to grow greater self-compassion and love and acceptance for your body. 

A great way to use this zine is to keep it on your nightstand, and when you wake, open it anywhere. Read an affirmation aloud, then take a minute to think and appreciate your body. This zine makes a wonderful self-care gift and will help you feel good about your body again. 

Zine Features: 

  • Size: 40 pages, 10.5 x 14cm
  • Materials: printed in B&W 100% recycled paper with color paperback cover (pink, blue or green)
  • Purpose: Heartwarming affirmations to build greater self-compassion toward your own body
  • Author: written and illustrated by Kim Rounsefell (APD)
  • Publisher: thankubody Zines
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