Body Affirmations: Truths on Why Your Body Is The Best


Appreciate Your Body More

Body Affirmations: Truths on Why Your Body is the Best introduces 40 heartwarming body affirmations that build self-compassion, love, and acceptance toward your body. 

A great way to use this zine is to keep it on your nightstand, and when you wake, open it anywhere. Read an affirmation aloud, then take a minute to think and appreciate your body. This zine makes a wonderful self-care gift and will help you feel good about your body again. 

  • Size: 40 pages, 4.5 x 5.8 inches
  • Materials: printed in B&W with satin green paperback matt finish cover 
  • Purpose: Heartwarming affirmations to build greater self-compassion toward your own body
  • Author: written and illustrated by Kim Rounsefell (APD)
  • Publisher: thankubody Zines
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