Passage: A Guide to Periods

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"A zine, I wish I'd had growing up!" — Kim Rounsefell, APD

The onset of menarche can bring uncertainty in a young person's life as their body evolves and changes. Passage: a Guide to Periods, delivers a body-positive menstruation guide, how-to, and period cycle workbook that imparts a fresh outlook about menarche. Amidst its pages filled with helpful illustrations, facts, activities, and more, this zine will inspire you to pause and embark on this new life stage with confidence. 

Michelle's empowering approach to periods makes Passage a must-have guide for young people beginning this brand-new phase of life. 


Zine Features:

Size: 32 pages, 5 x 7 inches
Materials: Printed on 100% Recycled Papers with Paperback cardstock color using Vegetable inks. 
Author: Written by Michelle A.L. Singer. Illustrated by Alyssa Beers 
Publisher: GladRags
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