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Hi There! It's Kim here! I'm behind the scenes at thankubody zines! I'm also an Aussie dietitian living far from home in California, USA. 


What is a Zine (z-ee-n)?

Zines are independent publications— much like magazines that typically have a small distribution. They come in all shapes, sizes, and genres and have become a big part of our popular culture due to their ability for zine makers (zinesters) to freely express themselves and share ideas.  


How thankubody Zines began

I started thankubody zines in 2019 to share accessible publications to support health and wellbeing, specifically, body image and mental health. As a former graphic designer, I fell in love with zines the moment I saw one, then created my first zine, "Brain Love." 

Since that time, we've steadily grown our zine collection to feature zines from other talented zinesters, and health professionals (also zinesters!), hoping that we can share broader experiences and insights to support these critical areas of health through zines.

Nurturing creativity and self-expression is a core to our mission, which is why we offer a range of workbooks and journal zines and donate a portion of all sales to support non-profit organizations to integrate creativity as part of health and wellbeing programs. If this sounds like a cause you'd like to get behind, we'd love to send you some of our zines! :) 

Our bodies aren't perfect but they are always trying to keep us safe. Sometimes we just need to say "thank you body."

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Take care,
xoxo Kim  


thankubody zines

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    Meet the Team

    Meet Kim, Owner, Designer, Maker

    Kim - Owner, Designer & Maker

    Kim's an Aussie dietitian (APD) and P.h.D candidate who loves to design, make and find great zines to support body image, and mental health.

    Leroy - Assistant

    Keeps an eye on zine-making activities but is often found sleeping on the job! Leroys' favorite activity is featuring in Instagram stories :)