Our Story

ic: Self-Care Zine-making Kit

thankubody is a health and wellbeing site with empowering zines, tools, and articles to help you thrive online and offline.

thankubody launched in 2019 by Kim Rounsefell — a graphic designer and dietitian — aiming to provide accessible companion tools and resources to support community health and wellbeing.

thankubody's mission is to empower the way you think and feel about your body through entertaining independent media sharing lived experiences, stories, insights and activities. 

Our bodies aren’t perfect, but they are always trying to keep us safe. Sometimes we need to say “thank you body.”

Pictured: Self-Care Zine-making Kit

ic: Keep Fighting But Remember to Rest, excerpt from Mettanoia by Shea Pederson (Volume 7)

Our Values

Accessibility: We aim to support our community with affordable and easy to understand tools that entertain, are uplifting, and empowering.  

Community: We believe in amplifying community voices and their unique insights through independent media like zines. We donate a portion of zine proceeds to support non-profit organizations integrating creativity as part of public health programs.

Compassion: We recognize that there's no one-size-fits-all to health or wellbeing. All of our content aims to build self-compassion, and greater compassion toward each other. 

Pictured: Mettanoia: Mental Health & Self Care Strategies (volume 7) by Shea Pederson

What is a Zine (z-ee-n)?

Zines are independent publications— much like magazines —that have a small distribution. They come in all shapes, sizes, and genres and have become a big part of our popular culture due to their ability for zine makers (zinesters) to express themselves and share ideas freely.