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Welcome to thankubody Zines

Life comes with its challenges. Negative body image, struggling with mental health, feeling low self-esteem, feeling different from ideals present in the media, dealing with loss, illness, trauma, and more.

It can be difficult to know where to start addressing some of the impacts on our daily lives we can sense, see, and know. 


Our mission is to support mental health and positive body image by using innovative small-press tools that aid self-empowerment and discovery. 


We believe that everybody is important and needs access to simple— affordable — tools with activities that can help improve one's wellbeing and quality of life. 

At, you'll find articles, zines, journals, workbooks, and mini-guides that can help you on the path to understanding your own needs and caring for yourself and your body. 


If You're Visiting Us for the First Time

Welcome! We created this page to get you started, explain more about our resources, and how to choose a path forward depending on your individual needs. We hope it helps, and please don't hesitate to give us a shout out if you have any questions 


How to get Started

1. Join our Community is always adding new blog articles and exciting zines, workbooks, and guides that aim to inspire you with small activities to mental health, body image, and overall wellbeing. 

Join our email newsletter for the updates, tips, and zine giveaways. We also regularly post the latest happenings on Instagram and interesting articles we find on Facebook and Pinterest.


2. Learn More About thankubody's Philosophy to Health and Wellbeing 

Mental health and the way we think and feel about our bodies (body image) at any given time are intrinsically linked. Recovery, healing, or maintaining one's health and wellbeing involves an element of self-care.  

Before running for the hills at that old self-care cliché, we're not suggesting heading to the local spa or booking in a facial per se. Rather, taking small steps toward meeting one's emotional, physical, and mental needs where necessary. This is the foundation for all articles you'll encounter at 


We have many articles on the blog that can start you on a path that works for you. 

If you're not entirely sure where to begin but know in your heart that it's time to look after you, have a read of These are 3 Kinds of Self Care that You Need followed by 5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care Every Day.  

If you've been struggling with negative thoughts and feelings about your body and want to look at ideas to break this recurring cycle, we have several helpful body image articles. Our article How to Cope on Bad Body Image Days is an excellent place to begin followed by What is Body Neutrality, and Why it Matters

We're also big advocates for journaling to support mental health and discuss the benefits of this practice in the article Self-Love and Acceptance: 7 Mental Health Benefits of Journaling that's worth a peak. 


3. Try Some Zines and Workbooks

Fundamental to our focus is providing accessible (i.e., affordable, portable, easy to understand) physical tools you can take anywhere that inspire you to treat yourself with more compassion day-to-day. 

Check out our flagship mini-zines to get you started. Join thousands of our zine loving community who love and use these zines to do one small act of kindness for themselves each day. The best bit is that you can get up to 3 of these zines shipped free in the U.S., For our international visitors these are lovely and compact so very economical to post also.   

70 Acts of Self Care, is our bestselling mini-zine. 

50 Ways to Protect your Body Image, is a fantastic resource for critiquing media and social situations.  

50 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery, a useful guide to positive prompts to learn more about your needs, wants and desires. 

We also have a supportive collection of specific mental health zines and workbooks to assist in challenging times covering topics on addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, pain, and more.

Our zines are written by both health professionals as well as personal zines (called perzines) by incredible zinesters sharing their lived experiences to help you feel a little less alone in your struggles. 


5. For Questions and Getting Help 

Finally, if you have any questions whatsoever, we have a Help & FAQs page with common questions asked. Know that you are welcome to email us at anytime with questions or feedback.   


Our links page shares resources if you're having a difficult time and need extra support. It also includes links to community organizations we've worked with, who stock our zines, or we admire their positive work in the community advocating for all bodies.  


We hope you enjoy your experience with us. 

Yours, in good health, wellbeing, and good times ahead!