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Submitting a Zine for Distribution

If you have a zine you'd like us to consider for distribution and that you think would be a good fit, post a sample zine to: 


thankubody Zines
32992 Buccaneer St 
Dana Point CA, 92629 


Along with your zine, tell us a bit about you, your inspiration behind the zine, and its retail price. We love many types of zines, including; comic zines, per-zines (personal zines), mini-zines, and workbook zines.


We pay wholesale upfront (50% of retail ), and have a limit to the number of titles we take on each month as we strive to do our best to support the work of zinesters.  


Topics of Interest

Mental Health Zines

For example: addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, recovery, PTSD, or trauma zines.


Positive Body Image Zines 

For example: activism, body science, culture, disability, illness, fat-positivity, feminism, gender, media literacy, pain management, sexual health, or wellbeing.


Self Care Zines 

For example: Art and craft, creativity, food, journaling, mindfulness, self-care tips & ideas, self-compassion.


**Please note that we maintain an inclusive and positive philosophy to our zines and don't carry zines advocating weight loss, dieting, food restriction, negative body, or food talk. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email