2 Zine Pack: Brain and Body Appreciation

by Kim Rounsefell, APD




Want a fun way to feel positive about your body? This body positivity zine pack will fill you with love and compassion along with a little giggle too.  

The lighthearted zines in this 2 zine set, get you thinking about your body in a different way. They humanize those hardworking organs inside you and help you build a deeper relationship and connection with your own body.

Both of these fun illustrated zines celebrate the things that your body tries to do to support you and the fact that it's imperfect at it sometimes.

But your body never stops trying to be there for you.


This pack includes 2 zines that help to builds self-compassion and love with your body:

Brain Love Zine

  • a heartfelt hand-illustrated zine celebrating the brain
  • 14 pages printed in B&W on 100% recycled paper with a bright pink paperback cover 10.5 x 14cm

Your BFFs Zine

  • a little zine celebrating some amazing friends
  • Fun 12-page mini-zine printed in color on 100% recycled paper with a blue paperback cover 10.5 x 9.5cm