Zine Pack: Self Care Workbook & Positive Body Image Zine (2 Zine Set)

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If you're wanting to start building and a positive body image and self-care practice, this body positive 2 zine gift set is a great starting point.

It includes 2 zines that start off walking you through the principles to feeling positive about your body with lots of examples so you can feel confident in the steps to take to get you started.

The 2nd Journal Zine includes 29 body positive activities to guide you through building self-confidence and self-love once again.

This zine set empowers you with a positive approach to feeling good about your body image once again.

This pack includes 2 handmade zines including: 

Love Me: A 3 Step Guide to Appreciate Your Body

  • 18 pages, color soft matt paperback cover, printed in B&W, 4.5 x 5.8 inches

'ME' - a Zine Celebrating You

  • Guided Journal, with 29 activities celebrating you.
  • 30-pages, color soft matt paperback cover, 4.5 x 5.8 inches
  • Publisher: thankubody Zines
  • Author: Kim Rounsefell, APD
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